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Polyurethane Raw Material
Construction Application
PC 01 PU Foam Fillers(Gun and Straw)
One component expanding PU Foam is a multi-purpose polyurethane foam that may be used for a wide range of building applications, such as filling gaps around pipes, draft proofing and sealing window and door frames, bonding wood and brick an sealing cracks and crevices.
PC 02 PU Adhesive Sealant 
This is one-part room temperature curing polyurethane with high adhesion 
strength, good elasticity, aging resistance, vibration exhaustion resistance, low temperature resistance and withstands multiple paint coatings.
PC 03 Polyurethane Cornice Moulding      
PC 04 Polyurethane Stone
PC 05 Polyurethane Corbel
PC 06 Polyurethane Column
 Industries Application 
PI 01 PU Screen Panel
Polyurethane sieve plates mainly include Polyurethane comb-tooth sieve plate, polyurethane round (square) rod sieve plate, polyurethane inlay framework sieve plate, Especially for elastic screen surface, can screen material with high efficiency, and completely replace the ordinary sieve plate.
PI 02 PU Wheels And Casters
Because of the unique high load capacity, high elasticity, wear and tear resistance of our casters and wheels, we are widely chosen by many customers in Europe, America, Asia and so on Our product lines include: 
PU wheels with cast iron centre
PU rollers with cast iron centre
PU rollers with steel centr wheels with aluminum centre
PU wheels with nylon centre
PU rollers with nylon centre
PI 03 PU Rods and Sheets

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