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Polyurethane Raw Material
System Polyol For Rigid Foam
PURM 126 It is used in the continuous production of insulation panels for external walls and insulation pipes for air-condition. 
PURM 223 It is suitable for high-pressure continuous production of polyurethane panels.
PURM 901 It is suitable for making moulded products with a density of 80-100 kg/m3. 
PURM 902 It is used for insulation in external walls of commercial and civic buildings. 
PURM 323 It is used for insulation with spray technique in refrigerator, food industry, chemical plants, industrial buildings, civic buildings, pipes and tanks.
PURM 326 It is used for filling security door, Solar Water Heater
 System Polyol For Flexible Foam
PUFM 530a This system is an all MDI all-water-brown cold-cured system.It is suitable for making foam products with a density of 60-90 kg/m3.It can be used in the production of shock absorption and sound insulation materials, such as automotive engine and carpet
PUFM 530b Applications for car, motorcycle,furniture
High-resilience cold-curable polyurethane foam compound
* Excellent resilience
* High comfort
* Extraordinary physical property and processing property
* Good gas permeation performance
* Outstanding flame-retardance
PUFM 602 It is used in the production of all MDI viscoelastic foams.  
such as pillows and mattress.    

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